Recipes in the Mexican catagory

1. Cinnamon Churros A vegan-friendly traditional spanish dessert
Catagories: Desserts, Deep Fried, Mexican, Snacks, Vegan

2. Fideo Soup A quick and tasty small-batch traditional Mexican soup
Catagories: Mexican, Soups, Vegan

3. Mexican Coleslaw This pseudo-pickled salad goes perfect with any mexican meal
Catagories: Mexican, Salads, Vegan

4. Taco Style Tempeh A good way to kick the fake meat habit
Catagories: Mexican, Tempeh Dishes, Vegan

5. Enchilada Sauce STOP! Don't pour that canned crap on the enchiladas you just slaved over
Catagories: Mexican, Sauces, Vegan

6. Flour Tortillas You'll never buy tortillas again!
Catagories: Breads,Mexican,Vegan

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