Recipes in the Snacks catagory

1. Indian Fry Bread A quick, easy and tasty fried bread
Catagories: Breads, Deep Fried, Snacks, Vegan

2. Cinnamon Churros A vegan-friendly traditional spanish dessert
Catagories: Desserts, Deep Fried, Mexican, Snacks, Vegan

3. Mozzarella, Pesto and Sundried Tomato Appetizer A very rich, simple and delightful appetizer
Catagories: Snacks, Appetizers

4. Hummus A versatile mediterranean classic
Catagories: Vegan, Snacks, Appetizers

5. Semolina halwa Tasty little sweet cubes
Catagories: Desserts,Indian,Snacks

6. Vegan Lumpia Filipino-style fried spring rolls
Catagories: Appetizers,Deep Fried,Entrees,Snacks,Vegan

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