Recipes in the Soups catagory

1. Vegetable Barley Soup A simple soup that is healthy and full of flavor
Catagories: Soups, Vegan

2. Fideo Soup A quick and tasty small-batch traditional Mexican soup
Catagories: Mexican, Soups, Vegan

3. Faki Traditional Greek lentil soup with a wonderful aroma
Catagories: Greek, Soups, Vegan

4. Italian Parsnip Soup Another simple small-batch soup that is very tasty
Catagories: Soups

5. Lentil Coconut Soup An exotic soup with lots of iron and protein
Catagories: Soups,Vegan

6. Potato Coconut Soup Quick, easy and tasty.
Catagories: Soups,Vegan

7. Hacker Chili A harsh lesson on input/output
Catagories: Soups,Vegan

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