Recipes in the Vegan catagory

1. Seitan Mishwi Seitan prepared with delightful mix of spices and an overpowering lemon flavor
Catagories: Greek, Entrees, Seitan Dishes, Vegan

2. Greek Rice A simple, yet flavorful preperation of rice with a Greek twist
Catagories: Greek, Rice, Side Dishes, Vegan

3. Indian Fry Bread A quick, easy and tasty fried bread
Catagories: Breads, Deep Fried, Snacks, Vegan

4. Tempeh Bourguignonne A unique adaptation of a traditional French stew
Catagories: Entrees,Tempeh Dishes,Vegan

5. Vegetable Barley Soup A simple soup that is healthy and full of flavor
Catagories: Soups, Vegan

6. Cinnamon Churros A vegan-friendly traditional spanish dessert
Catagories: Desserts, Deep Fried, Mexican, Snacks, Vegan

7. Fideo Soup A quick and tasty small-batch traditional Mexican soup
Catagories: Mexican, Soups, Vegan

8. Peas Pulao Kind of like the East Indian version of fried rice
Catagories: Indian, Side Dishes, Rice, Vegan

9. Faki Traditional Greek lentil soup with a wonderful aroma
Catagories: Greek, Soups, Vegan

10. Hummus Salad A tasty deli-style chickpea salad that works with many meals
Catagories: Side Dishes, Salads, Vegan

11. Lentil Coconut Soup An exotic soup with lots of iron and protein
Catagories: Soups,Vegan

12. BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches Relive your carnivorous youth with this tasty BBQ sandwich
Catagories: Tempeh Dishes, Sandwiches, Vegan

13. Mexican Coleslaw This pseudo-pickled salad goes perfect with any mexican meal
Catagories: Mexican, Salads, Vegan

14. Taco Style Tempeh A good way to kick the fake meat habit
Catagories: Mexican, Tempeh Dishes, Vegan

15. Enchilada Sauce STOP! Don't pour that canned crap on the enchiladas you just slaved over
Catagories: Mexican, Sauces, Vegan

16. Mashed Millet Gain a little more nutrition from those side dishes
Catagories: Side Dishes, Vegan

17. Vegetable Vindaloo A spicy Indian classic. David Lister's favorite.
Catagories: Curries,Indian,Vegan

18. Hummus A versatile mediterranean classic
Catagories: Vegan, Snacks, Appetizers

19. Potato Coconut Soup Quick, easy and tasty.
Catagories: Soups,Vegan

20. Spaghetti w/tempeh for two done in ten minutes flat
Catagories: Entrees,Tempeh Dishes,Vegan

21. Instant pizza crust Cornerstone of a modern meal
Catagories: Breads,Pizza,Vegan

22. Vegan French Dip French dip, hold the cow
Catagories: Entrees,Sandwiches,Tempeh Dishes,Vegan

23. Flour Tortillas You'll never buy tortillas again!
Catagories: Breads,Mexican,Vegan

24. Spaghetti sauce Easy slow-cooked spaghetti sauce
Catagories: Entrees,Sauces,Tempeh Dishes,Vegan

25. Vegan Lumpia Filipino-style fried spring rolls
Catagories: Appetizers,Deep Fried,Entrees,Snacks,Vegan

26. Hacker Chili A harsh lesson on input/output
Catagories: Soups,Vegan

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