Welcome to The Sinful Vegetarian

If you start with good quality organic ingredients, it's hard to go wrong. If you try to make these recipes with ingredients from your everyday club card grocery box store, it's hard to do right. Most of these recipes you will not find anywhere else. Most of these recipes are healthy but there are also a few 'sinful' recipes in the mix that are not necessarily healthy. They aren't really too bad when I make them because I use top notch ingredients but deep fried is still deep fried right? It's just not NEARLY as bad for you if you use high heat sunflower oil as opposed to the rancid soybean oil that is sold at most grocery box stores. I guess my point is that you should ALWAYS use top quality organic ingredients when cooking any recipes for the best results.

I have a philosophy: If people quit buying it, they will stop making it. This applies to anything really. If people stop buying products containing hydrogenated oils, the food industry will have no choice but to stop making those products. If people stop buying products containing high fructose corn syrup, those products will disappear as well. I can't stress this enough. You get what you pay for! Take the time to buy the proper ingredients and cook some of these dishes. You will love them! Your friends will love them. Even my most sinful dishes are better for you than any fast food and almost any restaurant food. Most of them taste phenomenal. Give it a try, you won't be sorry.

-Geordy Rostad
The Sinful Vegetarian